Studio(Gallery) Keiko for Nunoe,
Art Works made of Japanese Cloth
Keiko’s Gallery for Nunoe

Here you can enjoy pictures of special patterns and colors.
They are made of Japanese traditional cloth,
once used as kimono or futon(Japanese bedclothes).

Updated on Feb.15, 2013. Established on Sept.1st, 2004.

Won the Grand Prize of “Cutting Cloth Art Contest”
held in Fujiyoshida-city, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Art work won the prize, “Tree of Faces”
Art work won the prize, “Tree of Faces”

Yamanashi-Nichinichi Shimbun

“Cutting Cloth Art Contest”
Appeared on ”Yamanashi-Nichinichi Shimbun”
Nov.29, 2009.
Publication approved by the newspaper company above.


Tree of Faces
Storytelling with Nunoe
Tree of Faces

Notice of Exhibition

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